Summer 2012 First Half

Wow!!!  What a year!  Sorry for the lack of updates!  Let me see if I can get you all caught up!

Run For the Son

Once again we participated in CMA’s Annual Run For the Son.  This year we met up with another Chapter and had a wonderful Barbeque/Pitch In.  But the really important thing is that CMA raised over $3.9 million for missions.  We have a history of seeing at least one person accepting Christ for every dollar raised!  Over 3.9 million more decisions to follow Jesus!!!  YAY GOD!!!

Grace Christian Church

I was given the opportunity to preach a message to the good folks at Grace CC.  This is the church in which I was first commissioned and then ordained.  It’s always a pleasure to spend time with these folks.

Biker Sunday Mahomet, IL

We again made the trip to Mahomet, IL for their annual Biker Sunday.  Mrs. Hollywood was asked to sing.  The CMA National Evangelist for the North Central Region was there along with several other wonderful CMA brothers and sisters.  The weather was nice so we were able to fly over which was a HUGE help so I could get home and get some sleep before returning to work.

Kokomo Wings and Wheels

OTM and Rolling Thunder Airshows were invited to participate in the Air Show.  I gave the Invocation.  Mrs. Hollywood sang the National Anthem.  We had one WWII Vet present and we had him present the Flag.  What a blessing to us!  His family told us what a blessing it was to them.  After this, I did my first Air Show announcing!  I announce for Cliff during his solo routine in his Boeing Super Stearman.  I was a little nervous but all went well.  Then it was time…  I saddled up the ZX-14 and Cliff and I did our routine.  The crowd really seemed to enjoy it.  Several came up to our table afterwards and we signed autographs.  We have new posters and pictures this year with Scriptures on each.  If you’d like one or both, send me an e-mail at

Ohio Aerobatic Open

I participated in my first Aerobatic Competition!  It was great fun and we met a lot a very nice folks.  We have already begun to meet friends and share the Love of Jesus with them.  I finished less than 1 point out of second place!  Not too shabby for my first time out.

CMA National Rally

We left the Ohio Aerobatic Open and headed to my folks to spend at least part of Father’s Day with my “Pop”.  He is a wonderful man of God and is an incredible example of someone who is constantly looking for ways to share the Gospel!  We went to church with Dad, had a quick lunch and then back in the truck.  We headed to Hatfield, AR to the headquarters of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.  While we were there, we were able to spend time with and pray with a dear friend who had been badly injured in a tree cutting accident.  It is truly a miracle that he is alive.  A very large tree trunk rolled over him and crushed his leg.  God is STILL in the healing business folks!  Not only is he alive, he still has both legs!!!  We continue to pray for a complete recovery as he still has a long way to go but there are many miracles to be thankful for!!!

Practice at OKK

On the return trip, we stopped by Kokomo Airport and got to spend a little time with Rob Holland and Bill Stein!  They were using the Aerobatic Box at Kokomo to practice for the Air Show in Battle Creek the following weekend.  These guys were incredibly down-to-earth!  For those of you who don’t know, these guys are amongst the best of the best in the aerobatic world!  Rob is the reigning World 4 Minute Freestyle Champion!  What a pleasure!  I look forward to talking with these guys in the future!  Wish I would have had time to perform my sequence in front of them.  I heard from Mitch and Mike Wild that they gave great ground critique and passed along some great tips!  I did tell Rob and Bill that if they ever needed or wanted prayer for anything at all to call us.  That IS what we are here for!

Return to the Competition Box

Next on our journey was the Michigan Aerobatic Open in Jackson, MI.  Boy, did I embarrass myself!  I had been up all night (working) and just couldn’t seem to get my head in the game!  I was very nervous as we had a Control Tower to deal with and the display on the radio was messed up.  I messed up my ½ Cuban so bad I had to take a break!  That was the end of my hope of placing.  I was able to fly much better in the next two rounds.  Here again, we met some wonderful new folks and got to know others better.  I very much enjoyed getting to know Alan “Cool Breeze” Hoover better.  We also got to meet his lovely wife.  She and Mrs. Hollywood hit if off great.  Saturday night we were able to attend the banquet and got hear Bjarni Tryggvason (a fellow IAC Competitor) talk about his time aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.  He had some amazing pictures to share.  Our God created an incredibly beautiful planet!  It is incredible looking at it from an astronaut’s perspective!

Sheridan Air Show

We planned attending the Sheridan Air Show as Cliff wanted me to announce his solo routine again (apparently I did a little “too good” at OKK!  Now I have a new job!).  However, Thursday night around Midnight, I got an e-mail asking me to announce the whole show plus the Invocation.  I also prayed at the Pilot’s Briefing & Mrs. Hollywood sang the National Anthem.  It was a busy day!  We got our new OTM shirts the day before so we were easily identifiable.  The shirts worked great!!!  We had several people come up and ask us about OTM!  We are excited to see just how much the Lord can and will use these new “tools.” 

Well that gets us current… We leave for Oshkosh in 2 days!!!  WoooHooo!!! 

Please continue to pray for OTM as we take the Gospel to the world of motorsports.

Also, please pray for our friends Ed and Penny.  Penny had a “mild” heart attack so she and Ed will miss AirVenture this year.  The important thing is that Penny is doing better but can still use prayer!